Post Production Wedding Images

Choosing the right wedding photo editing service is for wedding photographers with high volume demands very important.   Trusting the editors to do the job in the way you as photographer would have done it yourself is key to the success of post processing your wedding jobs.   If you can’t trust your editors to get the expected results the advantages of time saving will disappear and the outsourcing of your wedding images will become a nightmare.


How Post Production works @ EditProductPhoto


First step is that we learn about your preferences and editing style is.


 Learn what needs to be done and how it needs to be done

  • Culling
  • General: Color preferences, light balance, contrast, vibrance, …
  • Wedding couple: Skin retouch,  slimming, whitening teeth, …
  • Background: Removing objects , replace sky, grass greener, blur background …


Second step is that we assign 2 or more people which will learn how your editing style and note down your preferences via examples so we know next time how you would like your images to be done


Third step is that we discuss the working process & delivery.

  • When images need to be delivered? 24 hours?
  • Will we work via dropbox, wetransfer or using our portal?


Fourth step after the first delivery is that we note down any remarks to improve the editing job for later jobs.

bride wedding picture

Annotate your images via our Portal

There are many options to send us your images

  •  dropbox – Google drive – …
  •  Wetransfer
  •  Uploading your images via our portal


That last option has a few advantages:

  • You can reuse your initial job
  • You can add examples in your job how you would like to edit your images
  • You can annotate your images
editing options