Removing background

Removing background

It’s not that tricky really but when you’re not a professional it takes a lot more time than you probably have! Let’s face it, if you’re wanting to remove background images from your product photos, it’s likely that you have quite a few photographs to process. Hire a company to remove the background of images is a great idea!

What do we mean when we say “removing background”?

When you’ve got a product photo, they often look better when the image is on its own and not distracted by what is in the background. For example, whenever you’ve browsed an online shop, you’ve probably not even paid attention to backgrounds. That’s because they’re always white! If you have product photos that don’t have white backgrounds you can remove the background of a picture to get the effect that sells the best.

Why do people choose to remove background images for product photos?

If you look at what all of the big businesses are doing, you will find they have white backgrounds on all of their photos. Whether it’s a photo of a dress on a clothing website or some shoes or makeup, the background is white without exception. Big businesses know that having plain white backgrounds increases the sales of their products.  Smaller businesses and start-ups need to get on board with this if they are to compete directly with the bigger companies.

How can removing background images improve sales?

Let’s say you’re selling a watch. You take a picture of it on your wooden table. Anyone browsing your online shop might be distracted by the wooden table behind the watch. With the background removed from a product photo, the only thing your customers can focus on is the product itself. Their eyes will not wander, there is no distraction. In this way, you’re likely to sell more products by removing background from your photos. After all, if the multi-million dollar businesses are doing it, then you should be too!

Is removing background images possible to do without outsourcing?

Yes. It’s worth noting though, that this is a skill. Whilst you can follow online tutorials and video clips, it takes years to master removing background pictures. If you have plenty of time on your hands, go ahead and teach yourself. Don’t forget though, every time you add a new product, you’ll have to do the process again! Personally, we think it’s better to concentrate on your business in other ways and leave removing background pictures to the experts.

Is outsourcing removing background images just for big businesses?

Absolutely not! In recent years, more and more small businesses and start-ups have been outsourcing their background removal. More often than not, time spent in the office on tasks such as removing backgrounds could be better spent on other tasks like generate leads and converting leads to sales. Remember, that even if you’re the boss of your own small business, your time is still money. So if removing backgrounds takes you one hour, that’s effectively one hour of your salary gone. You can outsource all of your photo editings with edit product photo and save both time and money!

What sort of things can Edit Product Photo do in terms of removing background pictures?

Whatever the photo, we can provide you with a perfect clipping path and can give you a pure white background to your images. We are experts and can even manage more challenging jobs like cutting out pictures that have hair or are blurred. We can remove your image backgrounds to be transparent too! This means that you can put your product photo on top of any other image and in any other space. Get in touch with us today to find out more of what we can do for you with regards to removing a background.