Presenting your clothes


Invisible Mannequin ?


The cost of presenting your clothes via invisible mannequin is rather low.

  • No model to pay
  • Small investment in equipment


Photography can be done rather fast.

  • Switching clothes is usually faster than on a real model.


Realistic: Medium – More realsitic than flat clothing – Less realistic than a model

Flexibility: High – Present your clothes in more detail – possible to edit them to perfection.


The invisible man technique or also called the Hollow Man montage is very easy to accomplish.

The clothing is photographed on a mannequin.

The pieces which are covered by the mannequin are photographed separately.

When editing the image the mannequin is removed from the image and the missing pieces are added.


Related Invisible Mannequin Editing Services to accomplish the perfect clothes presentation:

  • Hollow-Man montage
  • Montage of the neck.
  • Montage of the waist
  • Montage of the cuffs
  • Reduce wrinkles and creases
  • Remove dust, spots or moiré.
  • Adjusting colors or brightness
  • Liquify, straightening clothes
  • setting margins so all your clothes fill same % of your photo.

How to photograph Invisible Mannequin?

Option 1

Hold the inside of the clothes.  The inside should be good visible.

Shot of the clothes

female-ghost-mannequin with clothes

Shot of the inside of the clothes

clothes on hanger being held

result on a white background


Option 2

The clothes inside out to the mannequin.

Shot of the clothes


Shot of the inside of the clothes


result on a transparent background


Step by Step the possible editing options applicable to clothing

Original Photos

Clothing on mannequin
The House of Foxy_50s Mansfield Red Pencil Dress_100-20-27716_20181114_010

Step 1

White Background

Step 2

Invisible Mannequin

Step 3

Remove creases

Step 4


use a white background
invisble man
remove crease


Format & Alignment & Margins

set margins

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