Photo editing service

What is a photo editing service?

A photo editing service is a type of photo manipulation that is applied to photos, designed to make them look better, or change specific elements. Although it is important to have a good photographer, a photo editing service is equally as important!

Why do I need a photo editing service?

Photo editing is one of the most difficult, expensive and time-consuming aspects of photography work. It can also be frustrating when you do not achieve the desired results by yourself. By hiring a professional photo editing service such as Edit Product Photo, you know that your photos will turn out just the way that you want, within a short turnaround period. By outsourcing your projects to professionals, you save money and time, and still achieve a great result!

What photo editing services we offer

At Edit Product Photo, we offer a number of different photo editing services. Below is a list of the main services that we provide, that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We generally focus our services on those who require product photo or portrait editing, however, we can edit almost any photograph.

Background removal

Removing the backgrounds of images involves using a number of techniques such as path clipping, to remove unwanted elements of a photograph. The client is left with only the elements of the photograph that they want, such as the item or model. This then allows the item to be the focus, without any disruptions.

Shadows and reflections

After an item or items have been clipped from a wider photograph, it can often look as though they are slightly unreal, just floating in mid-air. We can add natural shadowing to the object or model, making it look more realistic, and give context to the image. Similarly, we can add reflections to an image, making it appear as though it is resting on a surface. This technique is often used when displaying jewellery, immediately adding a touch of elegance.

Color changes

Often with product selling, you might advertise more than one colorway of the same item. It is easier (and cheaper) to take a single photo of one item, and edit in the different colourways, than it is to take photos of each of the specific items. If you provide us with color references, we can take a single photograph and manipulate the colors. This allows you to represent all of the options you have for sale, with a single original photo.

General retouching

Edit Product Photo also offers a retouch service and can complete various small editing tasks you have. We can smooth out the skin of models, and do any slimming you wish. We are capable of altering the color saturation of a photograph, to ensure that all photographs create the ambience you are looking for, and makes your images look as appealing as possible.

Web-market compliance

The majority of web-based marketplaces have strict codes about how to present your items so that they may be viable to sell. When you outsource your photo editing it is important to know which rules a certain platform maintains. Our expert staff are well aware of the various guidelines for different marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay and know how to create the best result. Be sure to discuss with us exactly what you need, and we can provide you with the results!

Hair masking

Anybody who has tried to edit around natural hair will understand that it is a time-consuming task that can be difficult to complete properly. However, our team is experienced in hair masking, and will provide you with the best outcomes. We ensure that there is no fuzzy grey border around any of the hairs, allowing for a more natural and professional-looking photo.

Other services we provide as a photo editing company

These are the main services we offer as a photo editing company, however, this list is not exhaustive. If you require a different photo editing service that you do not see listed, please reach out to us. It is likely that one of our professional team members are still able to help you!