Outsource Wedding Photos

Why outsource the Editing of your wedding photos?

Outsourcing the editing of your wedding photos you will save you a lot of time.

Going thru hundreds of images and correct them takes a lot of time which you can spend better on taking pictures.

Try to find a good party though who reflects your idea of how your photos should look like.  Finding the right editing company for your wedding pictures editing is key to get this outsourced successfully.



What can be done?


Basic Wedding Editing


Light Balance


Color Temperature

Reduce shadows or overexposure



Color Correction

Image Cropping




Advanced Wedding Editing


Retouching skin – Blemishes, Scars, Acne Removal – skin smoother

Stray Hair Removal

Whitening teeth


Skin Smoothening

Background Editing

Removing objects

Remove reflection glasses


Pricing Editing Wedding Photos?


Editing Wedding photos is always client specific.

First step is that we try to find out how the photographer likes to have their wedding photos retouched.

Every photographer has his/her own style which we will try to accomplish or simulate with a few images to get the right final touch of your wedding picture.

After we have found out the editing style we will save this for latter usage.

After accomplishing a few test images we will have a good view of your needs and the time we need to spend on.


For Basic Editing this will be $0.15 per image till $0.4 per image also depending on your volume.

For Advanced editing this will be $0.3 per image till $5 per image also depending on your volume.


Prices will be agreed before we start.

Payments are after delivery and approval of the images.