Product Photo Editing


Removing The Background or clipping your images with a perfect clipping path?

When you are a webshop owner, photographer, publicity agency, distributor, … you probably need to have your images being clipped once in a while.

This takes a lot of time if you want to do this with quality!

Removing the background of image we can do cost effectively,  with quality and with volume.

Ever tried to find a company delivering a perfect clipping path or a perfect cutout of fur or hair?

We can do it!

Compare our quality with others and you will notice the difference!


What can be delivered:

  • A perfect Clipping path or a mask
  • Transparent images PNG or layered as PSD, TIFF…
  • Pure White background images JPG or layered as PSD, TIFF …
  • Background image provided or background by color code.
  • Cutting out images with hair or fur or blurry parts with perfection!

Other options:

  • All can be delivered marketplace compliant ( Amazon, Ebay, …)
  • crop, resize, margin settings
  • low resolution or high resolution
  • Web ready to decrease loading time on your webshop or website



A shadow gives your product photo a realistic outlook.  Your product photo will not look like its flying around but gives a particular dimension on your product.

To give your product photo a realistic shadow requires experience and talent.  We make shadows for every product category almost every day and we know how a shadow should should look like for your product.

We also make a specific shadow for certain clients which we always use for them.  This can be discussed.


So what can we offer you: 

  • Drop Shadow – simple shadow where the image is repeated by itself in a certain angle.
  • Realistic Shadow – complex shadow reconstruction considering the light intensity depending on the product height and position
  • Original Shadows – Use the with-photographed original shadow
  • Customer Specific Shadow – A shadow created for a particular client in a certain position or level of darkness.


View how it can look like for your product in our visualisation center!
Product with backgroundproduct with clear background
Two golden wedding rings on white backgroundTwo golden wedding rings on white background


Adding a kind of surface under your product we can do with a shadow as we described above.

Another option to avoid that your product is just an object flying around on your background is using a reflection.

By adding  a reflection it will look like your product is standing on glass or a reflecting object.

Adding a realistic shadow is not always easy.  It can require some skills depending on how the object is shaped.

View how it can look like for your product in our visualisation center!

Color Changes

You have a product which is sold in all kind of colors?

Photographing every color can be time consuming and expensive to get all the colors of the product into your studio.  Even worse is when its  just not possible because of stock issues.  If you want to show your product in different colors we will be able to help you.

Just provide us with a picture or a color code or even a pattern and we will process your photo in the appropriate variants. Additionally we can also foresee  your picture with the necessary paths so every color can be made when required.

Hair ClipperHair Clipper
Product with backgroundProduct with clear white background


High-End retouch

Our high-end retouching service is for all customers who need high-quality retouching for their product presentation.

What are the most frequent requests?

Remove dust, scratches, wires, creases, fingerprints,…
Rebuild or remove of objects
Jewelry retouch.  Make product shine.
Edit transparent objects and glass
retouch reflection in mirrors or glass

Invisible Mannequin – Neck Joint

Presenting your clothes can be done in multiple ways.  You can choose for flat images or you can give them some more volume with the invisible mannequin technique.  Another option is to use a real model.
Instead of laying them down on a table or hanging them on your closet you can use a mannequin. The invisible man technique will remove the mannequin and making your clothers more realistic.  This makes it possible for the customer to imagine how the clothes look like when they are worn.

With the invisible man technique the intention is that you photograph your clothes on a mannequin. Also the inside of the clothes needs to be photographed for assembly.  Compared to the shooting with a model this is easier and much more cost effective.

Additional options for clothes?

straighten your clothes/ liquify
Reduce creases,
Remove spots, labels, wires and production errors

Detailed information about the options of clothing presentation you can find in the fashion center!

Shoe with display pieceshow amazon compliant

Amazon Compliance

Pictures for Amazon need to follow the Amazon Guidelines.

Not only a pure white background is required but also other rules need to be followed.

We make sure your picture is Amazon compliant and additionally we align your picture so its presented in the most favorable way on Amazon so it stands out against your competition.

Also lifestyle images can be changed for Amazon (they can not be used for your main image off course)