Product Video Editing

Professional product & model Video Editing

Having beautifully-produced videos of products is guaranteed to make a significant difference to the perception of your brand.

One of the reasons videos are so effective is they make browsing feel more like offline shopping.


It’s the closest thing customers get to a product before they receive it. When there’s a video exploring all facets of a product, you get to explore it in 3D. Since you can ‘show and tell’ more than in a picture, viewers feel much more confident. Many websites include product demos for items like tools, which customers can always refer to once they’ve made a purchase.


They’re also a great way to tell the story of your product or brand.


EditProductPhoto carries out professional editing for both photos and videos of products. No matter if you specialise in fashion products, real estate, electronic gadgets or tools, our talented team will ensure your pictures and videos are first-class.

Product video Compositing editing

Adding multiple short videos together making it a single product video using our compositing techniques to make it look awesome.

Product Video Editing for webshop, demo or promotion

Video marketing has never been more prominent with research showing it’s highly popular with customers. When you have footage of your product, it’s much easier to carry out demonstrations, or to produce exciting product launches to attract interest.

Special effects & soundtrack addition

We can apply special effects and adding the soundtracks you have in mind.

We are creative and listen to your preferences making your video a total masterpiece fitting your needs.