Clipping path service

What is a clipping path?

Are you looking to outsource clipping path service? Clipping path is a professional term used to describe the extraction of an object or person from a still image. In more simple terms, clipping path is a form of digital photo cut-out. At Edit Product Photo we endeavor to remove your picture from its background with the same precision of scissors to paper.

Why use a clipping path?

Clipping path enables you to construct the background of your image to suit your needs. If you are selling products online or simply need to manipulate your background to achieve a certain goal, clipping path is the process for you. Whether you are a photographer, designer or own an online store, the right clipping path service can propel your business to new heights.

Do I need to use a clipping path service?

If photography or images form the bulk of your business then in short, yes you do. We know how busy working life can be and so Edit Product Photo’s tailored clipping path service can benefit you and your company by taking away the hassle of using clipping path, allowing you more time to grow your business, meet deadlines and edit your images. We take care of the pressure of clipping path without you having to break the bank.


What is the Price for a Clipping Path Service?

The price to clip your photos depends on the complexity of your images, the volume and when you want them to be delivered.  To ask a quote for your images you can write an email to us or upload your images.  You will get a price in average 15 minutes.

To already get a rough estimation of your price you can find our pricing overview which gives a price range per product category.

What can a clipping path service do for me?

Our clipping path service can aid you and your business in a variety of ways. We will make it easy for you to isolate objects from images for commercial purposes, we can help you to edit specific details of a particular object without altering the entire image and we can even select focus areas within an individual object for correction or editing. There is a general consensus amongst consumers that isolated products on a white background can make them more likely to part with their money; a clipping path service can create this image without fuss or stress.

What makes edit product photo’s clipping path service better than the rest?

At Edit Product Photo we pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise in the area of clipping path. We hear too many stories from clients who have experienced a terrible clipping path service from a number of online companies. Some have complained about poor finishing and impersonal customer service which is why we refuse to be like everyone else. Every member of our team is trained to produce only the finest quality when it comes to clipping path and we only use the latest technology to complete our clients’ work. We know how important your brand is to you and we know that if your product does not look right, your brand will suffer. That is why we avoid using quick fix tools and instead spend time perfecting your image with the latest materials available.

Why choose second best?

We live in a world that hasn’t got time to browse and shop around; consumers make instant judgements based on aesthetics and we want your brand to impress at first glance. At Edit Product Photo, our clipping path service is second to none. We offer flawless and professional quality to help your business stand head and shoulders above the rest. We work to strict deadlines and can guarantee that we will carry out all clipping path services in a timeframe that suits you. Our clipping path service is affordable, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality.
We pride ourselves on our expertise and experience in this field and will not disappoint. Your brand is our passion.