Editing people

hair masking and more

Remove the background of people – hair

You are looking for a good service to cut out your portraits, full persons or a group of people?

Alot of companies offer this service but very few can deliver a perfect result.

Masking out hair with perfection depends off course also a bit on the quality of your images and which background they are originaly on.

In any case… whatever your quality of your image or how your original background is like.  We can deliver a very nice result.  Test us with a more difficult image and you will notice our skills on this.


Your image we can make transparent or we can put any color behind as a background.  Please provide us with the color code or an example if you have any color in mind.

We can deliver layered in psd, tiff,…
with a mask or just in  png or jpg

Also a shadow or reflection at the feet can be foreseen.

Test us out with an example!

Masking as its done by most editing companies

Masking by EditProductPhoto


Adding a shadow makes it all a bit more realistic.

In most cases only a shadow at the feet is added but also a shadow of the full body can be foreseen.

 Shadow at feet

Shadow at wall

Retouch skin & slimming

Retouching skin is a common request.  The difficulty is that all customers like this in a different way

Some people just want to have pimples removed.  Others like it totally smooth.

We always recommend not to good for the ‘plastic’ look so it doesn’t look unrealistic.

We always make an example first to see how what the clients preferences are. (giving us an example helps off course)

Correction colours and retouching services

In the many years we do this now we have gotten alot of requests.

An overview of some frequently asked requests:

  • remove reflection glasses
  • open closed eyes
  • adding objects or removing objects ( socks, stockings, complete shoes or remove grass on shoes,…)
  • cleaning floors and walls
  • color corrections