Removing background pictures

Why does your business need a removing background pictures service?

Are you looking for removing background picture service? For us, it’s obvious. You need your product photo to ooze professionalism and to stand out from the crowd as a good quality image of a good quality product. With great pictures that are uniform in design and background, your website will look even more professional and will show your clients and customers just how much you give attention to detail. No matter how good your photo studio set-up is, there will always come a time when removing background pictures in your photographs is needed.

Why outsourcing removing background pictures is key to your business growth

Any serious businessman or businesswoman should be spending all of their working hours on growing their business and maximizing profits. In fact, many entrepreneurs probably spend most of their waking hours thinking about their business and its growth! When your business is so important, spending hours upon hours editing product photos is neither cost-effective nor efficient. It’s easy to think that removing background pictures by yourself is cheaper but if you calculate the hours it will take you to learn the techniques and then carry out the editing, it actually costs more than if you were to outsource this task. This is presuming that you are taking a salary of course, which, if your business is doing well, you should be!

Should I just employ a photo editor in-house?

If removing background images is a task that needs performing frequently in your business, you might be tempted to employ a member of staff to do this for you to avoid having to outsource. However, you really need to weigh up the pros and cons of having an in-house photo editor. Unless you’re a massive company, it probably won’t be a good business idea to hire a permanent member of staff to work for you. If you hire a photo editor, you’ve got to think of the overlays that come with it. The salary, the holidays, the sick days, covering for the person when they’re not in. Most businesses nowadays outsource their photo editing jobs.

How removing background pictures is done

The type of photo determines which techniques are used. We might use clipping paths, layer masks or alpha channels to get the job done. These tools give us perfect results for every photo we process. Clipping paths is the most common technique for removing background pictures. Essentially, you use your mouse to outline the image and then remove the bit you don’t want. You can choose to have the background transparent or pure white, depending on how you want the product photo to look on your website.

Different types of removing background picture services

Some product photos are a lot easier than others to edit. If for example, you’re selling smartphones, these are really easy to remove background pictures from, due to their simple shape. Removing backgrounds from more complex photographs is much more complicated especially when it comes to hair or fur! If your products are clothing items on mannequins, you can also create a ‘ghost mannequin’ effect so that the stand on which the clothing was hanging, becomes invisible. Whatever your requests for removing backgrounds pictures, Edit Product Photo can take care of it swiftly and professionally!

Making your product photos look the best

We know how important it is for photographs of products to look realistic. The last thing you want is to receive complaints that your products look nothing like they do in the product photo on your website. With Edit Product Photo, we guarantee that all of your images are processed by hand with the highest possible quality finish. Removing background is a simple task for us, so get in touch today with our background removal service.