Background removal service

Background Removal Service

Are you looking for background removal service? Photo editing is such a huge component of photography and advertising, it can be just as important as taking the photo itself. Some types of photo editing, such as background removal, can be incredibly time-consuming and difficult for people with little to no experience. But not to worry, there are companies such as Edit Product Photo, who are capable of stepping in and helping you achieve the desired result.

What is a background removal service?

A background removal service, as the name would imply, involves removing the background of a specific photograph, so that you are left with a specific item from the foreground. This could be anything ranging from a product, to a person. This allows you to take parts out of a photograph, to construct an image that is solely the elements that you wish to focus on.

How is background removal completed?

To remove the background from a photo, the item you wish to keep is clipped out using software such as Photoshop. The elements you wish to keep from the original photo are traced using a tool like the Photoshop pen. This can be a difficult task, especially if the items in question do not have defined edges. When the task is complete, you are left with the parts of the photograph that you wish to keep, which can then be edited and manipulated further if you wish.

Who requires background removal services?

Anybody who wishes to remove elements of a photograph will benefit from these services. Whether this is the removal of the background so that you are left with a single product or model, or you require the removal of a certain section of the image, Edit Product Photo can help you with this. Whether it is one image or a thousand, we are more than happy to help.

Why is it important to remove a background?

There are many reasons that background removal is important. When you remove the background of an image, it allows you to present only the image you are selling. This is the best practice for selling items online in a catalog, so that potential customers get a clear view of the product. Many online web markets have strict regulations about product photos. For example, Amazon requires that your product photos have a clear white background. We are able to take a photo of your product, and edit out the background, so that you can add in a white background to comply with regulations.  Using a background removal service is not only for product photos. We can apply the same techniques to people, so that they can be placed on a background of your choice. This allows you to advertise your product or company in innovative ways – you are not constrained to what can be captured by a camera. Post-production editing can work just as many miracles as a good photographer!

Why should I get somebody to remove a background?

It is better to hire a professional to complete a background removal service, to ensure the most professional-looking finish. As with any photo editing, it requires some skill. For the best results for your company, it is better to hand over the task to someone with experience. The process of removing backgrounds from photographs is incredibly time-consuming. If you require the backgrounds removed from hundreds of photographs for a catalog, this could take days. For the benefit of your company, your time would be better spent outsourcing this task to somebody with the necessary expertise, while you worked on better things. It can also be expensive buying the necessary software to complete this type of photo editing. Realistically, it is not the only type of editing you need completed, which may require purchasing even more software. Coupled with the fact that it is a very time-intensive process, it is better to hire a professional company, with the necessary tools, to complete the job for you. This can save you money while resulting in amazing end results.