Clipping path

What is a clipping path?

Clipping path is a procedure that is used to cut a small part of an image out of a larger one. For example, removing the background of a photo, so that you are just left with an object to edit, such as a person. By using editing software, you are able to manipulate images easier and place the item onto a different background. There are many elements to photo editing to get them ready for publishing. One of your wishes could be to outsource clipping paths. This involves digitally cutting items out of a wider photo, so that you can place it on a different background. It is an extremely time-intensive procedure but Edit Product Photo is happy to help.

Why clipping paths are essential in product photos

Clipping path allows you to take elements of photos that you like, such as a person, and remove the elements that you don’t like or need, such as the background. The clipped element, in this case, the person, can then be edited into a different background.

Clipping is often used for advertising items on a plain background. It allows the consumer to focus solely on the product, without getting distracted by anything else in the image. It also makes it easy for companies to color edit their products. If the same item comes in a variety of colours, it is easier to photo edit the same image into different colors, than it is to take the exact same photo with the differently-colored items. Not to mention it reduces the labor involved – if you can clip and edit a single photo, this is far easier than clipping and editing multiple photos. It can also be used to superimpose an image into a different scene.

Pricing clipping paths

The pricing of clipping paths @ EditProductPhoto depends on the complexity, the volume and when the images need to be delivered.  You would like to know the price of your clipping paths or masking job?

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How to create a clipping path

The clipping path process seems simple, however, it requires a great deal of practice to be able to do properly. The most common method to clip a photograph involves using the Adobe Photoshop pen tool. You use this tool to trace around the outline of the item that you wish to focus on. This can be incredibly difficult around outlines that are undefined, such as hair. Edit Product Photo ensures that all clipping path services result in a neat clean finish, with no fuzzy areas. Once the item has been clipped, it can then be easily transferred to a different, or plain background.

Why should I hire Edit Product Photo?

Purchasing the editing software necessary for clipping path can be extremely costly. If you are a business that only occasionally requires photo editing, the cost may not be worth it. By hiring a clipping path service, not only will they provide you with a high-quality product, but you are saving yourself time and money.

Photo editing tasks, such as clipping path, are incredibly time-intensive. It can also be rather difficult to do well if you are inexperienced in this kind of work. It may be more valuable for your organization to outsource the work to professionals, in order for you to move on with building your business in other ways!

We understand that it can initially be difficult to hand over your photographs to a third party to edit. They might not provide the results that you were hoping for, creating even more work for you. However, if it is done correctly, it can be the best thing you do for your business. As with hiring any service, it is important to ensure that you do your research before you trust them with your work. At Edit Product Photo, we pride ourselves on not only our ability to perform services such as clipping path, but to make our clients feel respected and welcomed. We work with you to determine your needs and edit accordingly.