Presenting your clothes


Flat lay Clothing Photography ?


The cost of presenting your clothes flat is low.

  • No model to pay
  • Small or even no investment in equipment except of a good camera.


Photography can be done fast.

  • Switching clothes is usually faster than on a real model or even on a mannequin
  • Probably more time will need to be spend on editing if you want a perfect shape or creases need to be removed


Realistic: Less realsitic than mannequin or model

Flexibility: Less flexible – More work to edit them to perfection.


Presenting your clothes flat is very easy to accomplish.

No real need for equipment but off course light sources, light tables and other photography equipment will level up the quality of your images.

Photographing  your images flat will ensure the rate of images processed will be high but be precautious that it will not affect the quality of presenting your clothes.

The number of creases will probably increase compared to presenting them via the invisible man technique.

Also the shape of the clothes will be less realistic so more editing is needed if you are looking for perfection.


Related Editing Services to accomplish the perfect clothes presentation

    • Reduce wrinkles and creases
    • Remove dust, spots or moiré.
    • Adjusting colors or brightness
    • Liquify, straightening clothes
    • setting margins so all your clothes fill same % of your photo.

How to photograph your clothes flat ?


Option 1 

on a table


Flat Lay Clothing issues.


When you look at this image it looks like a good product photo shot.

When we look a bit more in detail we see a number of issues

  • not enough light sources are used
  • creases and shape could be optimized


As you can with this example there are inadequate light sources here!

You get color issues which needs to be corrected by photo editing.

Step 1 



Step 2

Remove Creases


Step 3

Liquify / straighten


Step 4



Step 5

Color Correction


Option 2

on a hanger


Clothing hanging


Clothing without hanger

Issue with transculent clothes

Photographing your clothes hanging on a wall there can be less of an issue with transculent clothes than when you lay it flat on a table.

With the invisible man technique we have less problems with the background but be carefully the mannequin is not shining through the clothes.