Outsource clipping path

Want to outsource clipping path services?

No problem! You can’t escape photo editing; it happens everywhere these days. In fact, you’ll find it hard to find a business whose photos haven’t been edited in some way or another. It seems, therefore, that edited photos are here to stay. They’re certainly becoming a part of the wider photo culture with the likes of Instagram and Snapchat allowing photo editing to be available to the mainstream. And, whilst we’re not here to debate the ethics of editing photos, businesses need to do whatever it takes to fight off competition. What your product photos look like plays a big part in selling your business model! Since a lot of aspects of photo editing are complex, there has been a significant rise in the demand for outsourced photo editing services. Outsource clipping path services are a small aspect of photo editing, but one that is a popular service for many business customers.


What is a clipping path?

Clipping path is a process of photo editing software that is used to get rid of an existing background image in a photo. By getting rid of any distracting background, the photo will reveal only what a photographer wants to be shown. A clipping path is a closed-vector path. When the shape is closed, everything that is outside of the path is removed from the image. This is often done using the Photoshop Pen Tool as this is the most accurate way of removing a background. By removing the background, people can choose a background that is more suitable for their product or their business. The edges of your image don’t even need to be sharp to use this service. Many businesses outsource clipping path so that someone else does all the hard work for them!


What is the Price for Clipping Path Service?

The price to clip your images depends on the complexity of your images, the volume and when you want them to be delivered.  To ask a quote for your images you can write an email to us or upload your images.  You will get a price in average 15 minutes.

To already get a rough estimation of your price you can find our pricing overview which gives a price range per product category.

Why is clipping path needed?

Clipping path services transform images to be suitable for online marketing. One of the most common elements of clipping paths is image isolation. This ensures that the product being sold is the only thing being looked at by the customers. They won’t be distracted by any background in the image. Modern clipping path services help to eliminate the background from the photograph. Clipping paths can also remove shadows from product images. Since clipping path is very time consuming and technical, many businesses prefer to outsource clipping path services.


Who needs to outsource clipping path?

If you’re working with any photograph that’s going to be published, whether online or in print, you will need clipping path. Whether you’re selling products or using photos on your services website, your photographs will need clipping path services. Since clipping path takes a lot of time and patience, the majority of business owners choose to outsource clipping path services. The get a great product with a quick turnaround. Here at Edit Product Photo, we respond to quote requests within one hour and we are available 24/7.


How do you create a clipping path?

Attention to detail is the most important part of clipping path if you want a lifelike image. Your clipping paths need to be perfect for the most professional-looking photos. At Edit Product Photo, we know how important it is to have photos that don’t look as though they have been edited. We make sure we cut out images perfectly to create a flawless clipping path. By outsourcing clipping path jobs with us, you will receive images that have been processed by hand and your images will be clean with the highest-quality finish.


Why should you outsource clipping path jobs?

As a business owner, your concentration should be on expanding your business and seeing it grow. If you’re spending too much time editing your own photos, you will have less time to focus on your actual business. By hiring a clipping path service, you will have photos that are ready to use at a much quicker rate so you can make them live on your website. Outsourcing clipping path means that you will actually save money – the money that it costs you to outsource clipping path will be recouped quickly as your products will be live on your website more quickly!