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From $ 0.40

Remove background

When removing the background of photos (making the photos transparent) you can integrate them nicely in your webshop or website background.

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From 0.55

Photo retouching

We retouch all your product photos and portrets.

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From 0.12

Color corrections

Correct colours or change colours of your product or a part of your product.

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From 0.12


We can align or center all your product photos making your webshop looking professional.

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From 1.70


When removing backgrounds containing hair, fur, feathers, … we need to use the masking technique. This to be able to cut out every detail of your photo.

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From 0.40

Add shadow

Adding a shadow (a dropshadow or any shadow you prefer) makes your product looks very professional. Your product will look more realistic.

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Add reflection

Adding a reflection as if your product is standing on glass or a reflecting object.

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Optimize photos

Optimize your photos for google SEO. Faster loading photos ensures your website will load faster & you get better google rankings.

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Professional looking Product Photos …

How do we do this ?

Een uniforme achtergrond
* Meestal een witte of transparante achtergrond.
(voorkom verschillende kleuren, dit geeft een minder rustgevend en minder professionele uitstraling )

Elk product dezelfde grootte, marges.
* Geef ons je marges en wij zorgen ervoor dat deze telkens worden toegepast bij uw product foto's.
(Grootte product foto's verkopen beter dan kleine product foto's)

Een schaduw of reflectie zorgt ervoor dat uw product niet zwevend overkomt.

Web based photos (tussen 100 en 500KB ).
* Voorkom dat uw website te traag laadt.
(Hier wordt ook door Google rekening mee gehouden voor de ranking).

Our Customers:

Our customers vary from high quality work for photographers and Publicity agencies to high volume deliveries of big webshops or Amazon Customers

– Photographers
– Amazon Sellers
– Sellers: Ebay, Etsy, Rankuten, …
– Webshop owners
– Publicity Agencies
– Designers
– Distributors
– Retailers
– Companies
– Private market
– …

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We @ EditProductPhoto focus on Quality.
This in combination with the lowest price guarantee makes us Unique!

On top of that we are available for you 24/7 and give you a response on your quote requests within 1 hour.

We keep it simple and keep our costs as low as possible so that we can deliver your perfect product photos at the lowest price.

Good Communication…
Quick Responses …
& lowest price guarantee?

… than EditProductPhoto is a good choice!

Not satisfied with the result? Edit Product Photo corrects or you get a refund.

We can deliver fast and high volumes are no problem for us!

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