Edit Product Photo


Remove background

When removing the background of photos (making the photos transparent) you can
integrate them nicely in your webshop or website background.
A white background or black background is also possible off course.
Removing the background or a white or a black background
gives your products a professional look.


Photo retouching

We retouch all your product photos and portrets.
Portrets & model retouching
– Retouch blemishes & wrinkles
– Slimming effect
– Naturalise or even skin tones.
– Remove red eyes or brighten eyes.
– Teeth whitening and repair.
– Remove or retouch tattoos & scars

Product photo retouching:
– retouch glass transparancy,
– retouch mirror reflections
– removing texts(f.e. watermark removal,…) or objects (f.e. shoe holder, …)
– Jewelry retouching (brighten stones, change colour, …)
– …



Neck-Joint or invisible men


Color corrections

Correct colours or change colours of your product or a part of your product.
Lighten dark photos and Enhance the contrast.



We can align or center all your product photos making your webshop looking professional. All your products
will be on the same place of the product photo & filling the same percentage of the product photo frame.
We also resize & crop or Merge different product photos together.



When removing backgrounds containing hair, fur, feathers, … we need to use the masking technique.
This to be able to cut out every detail of your photo.


Add shadow

Adding a shadow ( a dropshadow or any shadow you prefer) makes your product looks very professional.
Your product will look more realistic.


Add reflection

Adding a reflection as if your product is standing on glass or a reflecting object.


Optimize photos

Optimize your photos for google SEO.
Faster loading photos ensures your website will load faster & you get better google rankings.

We can compress your photos or we can make web based images (+- 100KB)