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Outsource Photo Editing and Product Photography or DIY?

Outsource Photo Editing and Product Photography or DIY?

Outsourcing your product photos to a professional or do it yourself takes a good analysis and a lot needs to be taken into account before you can decide?

We list all advantages and disadvantages.

The Ecommerce world is booming but also getting crowded and everybody wants to have the best selling shop off course.
Not only SEO is very important to get your visitors to your webshop but also we need to make sure this results in sales. Today its getting very important to present your products as good as possible. The photo should answer most of the questions the customer can have about the product. Any doubt or question a customer can have about a product can lead to a loss of sale.

How should product photos look like?

Focus on making your webshop look professional and your products should pop out.
To do this usually a white background or the same background(transparent background) as your webshop is taken.
Prevent all kinds of backgrounds and only show your product to avoid discussions of what product is actually sold.

Also make sure your product is at least filling 80% of the photo with optionally a zoom function.Show your product from every side. For example when selling bags customers prefer to know how the inside looks like.

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How do we do this as good as possible at an affordable pricee?

2 steps before you product photos are ready.
• First you have to take your photo off course. Some knowledge and/or good equipment can certainly help to reach your goal.
• After the photo is taken usually some editing still need to be done to become a white background or other photo editing like color corrections, shadow, remove creases or dust, set margins, cropping…

The question: Should we outsource this work or do it in-house?

The answer: not so easy to decide and depending on a lot of things.

1. How many productphotos contains your webshop?
2. How much profit do you have on products and which number of sales per product is estimated?
3. Will the products be replaced regurarly (clothing – apparel)?
4. Lot of editing needs to be done?
5. Do you want to keep full controle of your photos or do you want to concentrate on your online shop?
6. How fast do your photos need to be online?
7. Do you have staff which can do this job?

Answering all these questions can help in making the right choice but lets list the advantages and disadvantages first to get an even better overview.

Outsource Product photography?

Taking a picture seems pretty easy but taking a good picture is not as easy as it looks like.
The time and money you have to invest to get good results is usually underestimated.
So lets conclude to outsource this?
Maybe but there are also some disadvantages .
The biggest disadvantage of outsourcing is that you have far less control how the photos are taken..
A good partner and a good follow up is a must. Also take into account the transport of your products to the photographer and the time which is lost on that.
Bringing your products online fast will be very difficult.
The big advantage is that you don’t need to invest in material, space and staff.
Doing it in-house can speed up the process and lower the costs on the long run.


When its only a small amount not fast rotating products. It will probably be not worth to invest in materials and expertise. A good product photographer can be a solution.
With big regular amounts of photography you have to decide if the bigger cost & lack of flexibility and speed is not a problem.

Outsource Photo Editing ?

After the a photo is taken of your product its most likely there is still some photoshop work which need to be done.
This can get a very intensive and boring job.
Fast work like color & contrast corrections you can do yourself. Its also something which an outsourcing party will probably not do the way you prefer it. More intensive work like removing backgrounds of photos, retouch or margin settings can take up a lot of your time.
This can easily take 15 minutes per photo. Calculating the cost of this it can get pretty expensive.
Outsourcing this kind of work usually is $1 per photo so there is no doubt when looking at the cost this is the right choice.
The big question is if you will get good quality for that money? Finding the right partner is key. Alot of photo editing companies do exist… but not all can deliver quality at a good price in volume.
Make time to evaluate a good number of companies and make the right choice.


All depends on the amount and what needs to be done. When only a few small color corrections are necessary than DIY. When big amounts of photoshop work you will loose a lot of time and is outsourcing a lot cheaprer and the perfect solution when selecting a good partner.